TOKO hot wax set "High Performance" YELLOW-RED-BLUE - 3 X 40g

Versions: HF (Yellow, Red, Blue)
Temperature ranges from (0°C to -6°C) to zu (-10°C to -30°C)
Contant: 3x 40 g

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Delivery within 2-3 working days for DE
(delivery times outside DE see payment and shipping)

61,63 EUR pro 100g
Product.Nr.: 5810.S
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product description

High performance racing wax for the highest demands - the wax of the World Cup stars! - for alpine and Nordic
New technology for best gliding properties
The set covers the snow temperature range from 0°C to -30°C
With highly efficient active ingredients for maximum water and dirt repellency
Unmatched wax adhesion time
Re-closable wax case with 40 g content
Set includes:
- Yellow: Soft racing wax for damp to wet snow conditions (snow temperature 0°C to -6°C) as well as at high air humidity
- Red: Semi-hard, high-fluoride racing wax with a broad application spectrum for the frequent conditions in an average snow temperature range (snow temperature -4°C to -12°C)
- Blue: Hard, high-fluoride racing wax for cold and harsh snow conditions at -10°C to -30°C
Content: 3x 40 g
SAVING: Save more than €10.00 when buying the set, meaning over 11% compared to purchasing the articles separately!
The Tribloc Race Wax series offers the following additives:
- Black: High-fluoride racing wax with unique DLC additive - is mixed with the racing wax in the World Cup as a basic wax in all temperatures and also in case of dirty snow and harsh artificial snow. With DLC additives for maximum dirt repelling and wax adhesion durability
TIP: We principally recommend the use of wax fleece cloths when hot waxing (e.g. BaseTex) for waxing irons. The base is protected, cleaned during waxing and the wax consumption is significantly reduced.


Tribloc Race Wax von TOKO

Artikel-Nr. Bezeichnung Schneetemperatur
von [°C] bis [°C]
5811 Yellow 0 -6
5812 Red -4 -12
5813 Blue -10 -30
5814 Black 0 -30

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