SAFEMAN lock, white

Blow and break-resistant
Plastic-coated stainless-steel rope 75 cm long
Weight: 130 g / Color: white

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Article sold out for this season

product description

Small and light lock for securing your ski or snowboard equipment
Also suited for locking when biking, etc. And the SAFEMAN can do even more - securing and attaching at the same time. The patented loop technology works with an ingeniously simple principle: Insert rope, pull tight - done! - You only need the key for unlocking!
Colour: white
Technical data:
Only 7.5 cm diameter
Only 130 grams
Plastic-coated stainless steel rope, 75 cm long
Rope diameter 4 mm
High-quality materials - blow and break-resistant
Patented double loop system
The robust key cylinder prevents penetration of moisture and dirt with its dust protection screen. Permanently preserves the functionality of your SAFEMAN®.
High-quality, stainless steel materials and the plastic-coated stainless-steel rope provide the highest degree of security and operating comfort.
The impact and break-resistant housing together with the stainless steel security rope ensure optimum protection from casual theft - and that as a "lightweight"
Note: The SAFEMAN® locks automatically.
You only need the key for unlocking.
1. Securing and lashing:
Turn the star of the SAFEMAN® until the end of the security rope snaps out automatically.
Hold the SAFEMAN® on the star. Grab the end of the security rope and pull it out all the way in one go.
Place the security rope with a sling around the equipment to be secured.
Guide the end of the security rope through one of the four openings in the housing. Lash your equipment tightly.
Form another loop (around a stationary device, e.g. ski stand) and guide the end of the security rope through one of the two remaining openings.
Pull the security rope tight.
2. To release and loosen:
To loosen the security rope, unlock the SAFEMAN® with the enclosed key. Pull the security rope out of the opening.
Note: The key cannot be pulled off until the security rope has been pulled out.